All It Takes by Me

All it takes is a hand to reach out and type a simple compliment or a silly question. You aren’t entirely sure what will become of it, but thats all it takes. You could never be sure of the outcome or what they may think. They could think you are silly and a fool; but regardless, that’s all it takes. Who knew what would become of a simple hello? I sure didn’t. I honestly thought it was just me on a boat fishing just to see what I would catch. I barely even knew the girl or what her personality was other than the few photos she had posted on a social networking site. I am not going to lie and tell you that I wasn’t just desperate to see what attention I would get from her; but as I said before, that’s all it takes. A year ago I couldn’t have told you that I found love nor have I felt it. I was burdened and broken. Filling the holes in my life with the easiest drug I could find/or hide from those whom I was close with or felt I had some image of integrity left in their eyes. But see, when I typed out a simple message, I gained something so much deeper and complex than I ever imagined. I met ‘her’. The one girl that every man needs but doesn’t want until they’ve seen it all. The type of girl that teaches an adulterer what loyalty is truly about. The one. Here I am now in love.

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